SPECIAL FEATURE: Recap – First Fridays/Farmer’s Market/FREE CLOTHES FOREVER

First Fridays/Farmer’s Market Recap

FRIDAY AUGUST 7TH – First Fridays Ypsi was spectacular this month, bringing hundreds of revelers to the streets to celebrate our local arts and music scene!  FREE art and music events happened at 16 local businesses, ending with new local sounds from SOFT MILK enrapturing our hearts at Cafe Ollie.


SOFT MILK – YpsilantiNews has never heard anything quite like this well-loved duo, and neither have you.  Also sometimes referred to as ‘Ghost Milk‘ for their unusual on stage-attire, they are healing, entrancing, and uniting.  A wedding was even performed on the dance floor during their set Friday night!  Don’t miss their next local show, whenever that is.  Here’s an official video on their YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlelMfLzKB0&spfreload=10  Find them on Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/listentosoftmilk

FIRST FRIDAYS – If you don’t know about First Friday‘s yet, you must not be walking around town very often on the first fridays of every month.  Since 2013, a new non-profit (#FirstFridaysYpsi) has organized a FREE art walk around town, so everyone can visit businesses that have art on display, live music, live art, and more, all within walking distance around town.  Even Ypsilanti City Hall has participated with a display of art from a local school!  Our only complaint is that there is so much going on, you can’t see everything you want to for as long as you want.

First Friday, August 7th 2015, had hundreds of Ypsilantians walking around Downtown and Depot Town enjoying the artistic festivities.  Hula hooping, music, and live portrait drawing made for a decent sized crowd on the sidewalk in front of 206 West Michigan Avenue in front of Lampshade, a new venue/meditation studio that has not opened yet (right next to Frank’s Drugs).  You can see pictures at #FFY on Facebook if you search a little.

Anthony Morgan on the mic in Library Plaza downtown gave us a mix of prose, philosophy, flows, and anthology.  There were many familiar faces in the crowd and people were gettin down.  The new 90’s store Friends Closet on the SE corner of Washington and Pearl had free painting if you had a canvas or bought one.  Bona Sera featured art from the top three winners of the 2014 Heritage Fest Live Art Showdown.  Many people remarked that the prices on the art were awesomely reasonable as well.

With all of the live music and extra people all over town, several locals we talked to near Emmet and Ballard Streets still were not familiar with First Fridays.  Make sure you tell your friends!

Check out First Fridays online at http://firstfridaysypsi.com and https://www.facebook.com/FirstFridaysYpsi.

To find out where its happening each month, visit their websites or look for these fliers at bulletin boards around town, like Ypsilanti Food Coop, Ugly Mug, etc.  IMG_5155IMG_5156IMG_5157

Saturday August 8th:  The Depot Town Farmer’s Market had a few sprinkles on it in the morning, but fortunately nothing too serious. Then, the incredible aquisition of very fine produce commenced:

Look at Zilke Vegetable Farm goodies:


And Radicle Roots‘ fine feasts:


Ypsilanti Growers Collective booth:


YN was so busy digging in the piles of free clothing that we forgot to take a picture of the GIGANTIC PILES of FREE awesome duds that everyone brought to market!  We had TWO tables set up this week because there were so many clothes.  Don’t worry, if you don’t bring anything, you can still take free stuff!  In fact, we want more people to come take stuff so we don’t have to arrange to donate it somewhere afterwards!  (Many thanks to Totally Awesome Fest for taking all of the clothing so far for their 2016 Festival!!)

The FREE CLOTHING SWAP/SHARE happens EVERY SATURDAY IN DEPOT TOWN FROM 9AM TO 1PM!  Bring stuff, take stuff, whatever you want…  IT’S FREE!  Come join the free fun.


(Stock photos)

And get your super fresh produce from our local farmers when you get free clothes!  They take cash, credit/debit, EBT and WIC.  Double your food bucks with EBT!!  

No farms, no food!  Support your local farmers!  Become friends with the people who grown your food.  🙂




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