YPSI CRIME UPDATE – 7/30/15 – Another Assault/ Burglary Epidemic/ Useless Youth Initiatives


Thursday 7/30/15

There has been another robbery ending in assault in the downtown area.  This happens FREQUENTLY around here and is of great concern.  The details are in this article on MLIVE.com.  3 teenagers have been arrested for the crime.  No info was given on the condition of the victim. http://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbor/index.ssf/2015/07/three_teens_arrested_in_ypsila.html#incart_river

The other crime epidemic in our area is people stealing from mostly unlocked cars, garages and houses.  Some residents in the area don’t want to lock their vehicles worrying that someone will break in and cause more damage.  Some people don’t want to leave their cars unlocked because if someone searches the car, they don’t often shut the door tight cuz they don’t want to make much noise.  This usually leaves the interior dome light on, which can lead to a drained battery.  What do you think is the best way to deal with it?  Locked or unlocked?  Maybe we should all try to stop owning cars, for starters.

A youth organization in town is putting on a party for teens to help combat the recent violence in the area.  There is a $5 cover charge.  I’m sure the teens most at risk in the area have an extra $5 to spare.  Sheriff Clayton clearly stated that the problems leading to the recent gunfire in town are first and foremost ‘SOCIO-ECONOMIC’.  So why do the initiatives to help the teens in need COST MONEY??       http://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbor/index.ssf/2015/07/youth_to_put_on_party.html#incart_river

Ass usual, the comments on the MLIVE article are inane, at best.  I have copied and pasted the comments here (after removing names to spare people more complete embarrassment):

“”””””1 hour ago

The “similar party last year” link displays an article like this one that provides information about events. I find no information about how last year’s events went? I guess MLive has no interest in reporting on what occurs at the events and participants’ reactions? Would be nice to have a follow-up article by MLive after the event planned for August 1.  Maybe have a reporter attend the event? Include some photos? Get some reactions from those attending?

54 minutes ago

One of our photographers will be taking pictures of the party on Saturday.

3 minutes ago

 Tell him/her to wear a kevlar vest.
 2 hours ago
How did the party last year go? Any incidents?
2 hours ago

Do you have a date for this event?
1 hour ago

Although unstated in the article, the implied date is Saturday, August 1 based on the following:

“A local organization is hosting a party Saturday.” True, the language is not precise. Which Saturday? This Saturday? Next Saturday? Typical for MLive reporting, though.

 55 minutes ago

 It’s this Saturday, August 1.

4 hours ago

 I like this idea, and what these people are trying to do. Keep it up!

3 hours ago

 Lets wait until the party is over. Then we can give our praises.

5 hours ago

I just really hope the gangbangers don’t show up to the party.

Also, since the problem is a south side and West Willow issue, why not hold the party down in the Parkridge community center?  If trouble brews up at the party, why bring it to Normal Park?

3 hours ago

 Agreed. If you want to prove something, prove it in the DAWC. Also, why party? Why not go down to Riverside Park and erase some graffiti?

1 hour ago

Agree. Why a party. May attract trouble. Involve kids in community improvement projects.
3 hours ago

This place isn’t in normal park…. it’s just south of downtown.
 2 hours ago

Nope. The party is taking place at the Ypsilanti Senior Center located at 1015 Congress Street. The Senior Center is located in Recreation Park. Recreation Park is not south of downtown.

5 hours ago

Will they be serving pizza?  Apparently Ypsi teens really like pizza.””””””
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