REAL HEALTH NOW – Healthy Eggs/Urban Heat Island/Cell Phone Cancer/ Organic Fast Food


General Health Info that MIGHT be Helpful to you…..

HEALTHY EGGS:  The kind of eggs you consume and the way you prepare them make all the difference in whether they are healthy for you or not.  Get ORGANIC, free-range, FRESH eggs only.  Talk to your farmers to see how long ago they were layed and what kind of feed the chickens have, and if they are HAPPY birds, living freely off the land.  According to this article, scrambling eggs is the WORST way to prepare them and Raw or soft-boiled is the best.  If you are considering eating raw eggs, DO THE RESEARCH and make sure they are FRESH and TRULY ORGANIC!  More info here on

INCREASING HEAT = CLIMATE CHAOS:  According to, Iran City felt like 163 Degrees!  The actual temperature was 113, but with the humidity factored in, it felt that much hotter!

 Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.12.34 AM

You can check out the story here:

‘Urban Heat Island’ is the name of a phenomena causing extreme, increasing heat in cities.  That’s when an overpopulated big city heats up because of all the pavement, cars, etc. and is 20-50 degrees hotter than nearby rural areas.  Due to this “Urban Heat Island” phenomena, Detroit scored #16 on this list of 25 cities that will be negatively impacted by climate change.  A lot of midwest cities are on this list due to heat and increasingly intense storms.  Read the list here:

CANCER PHONES:  We should all be aware by now that cell phones cause cancer, but we are not or we don’t seem to care.  Almost everyone has a cell phone!  THROW IT AWAY, PEOPLE, IT’S TERRIBLE FOR YOUR HEALTH!  Our local Channel 7 WXYZ TV outta Detroit has a new report about this health crisis: If you want more information to convince you that your brain’s signals are negatively interrupted by cell phones and all wifi, go on YouTube and start listening to George Carlo‘s videos.  The cell phone companies paid his technical research firm 17 million dollars back in the 1980’s to prove that cell phones are safe.  His research actually proved that cell phones cause brain cancer.  The cell companies squashed his research and apparently burned his house down.  Now, he is speaking out on YouTube. Cell phones can be ESPECIALLY DAMAGING to the growing skulls of newborns and children.  DON’T LET YOUR KIDS HANDLE CELL PHONES!!!

ORGANIC FAST FOOD:  Amy’s Kitchen just opened the nations first organic drive thru/fast food place in California.  The lines were out the door and out of the parking lot!  They grow some of their produce on their roof!  Amy’s says that if demand continues to be high, they will open more restaurants in other locations.  Read the full story here:

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